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Bonjour mes amis! Empty Bonjour mes amis!

Post  CharlotteY on Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:51 pm

Bonjour, my name is Charlotte Lavoisier. My husband Jaques and I both own a bakery on the outskirts of Paris, which we inherited when his parents both died. We are members of the Third Estate, and we hardly have enough money to support ourselves and our two children. Most of the money we earn gets taken straight away due to the ridiculous high tax prices we must pay in order to live our daily lives. The prices of food have soared, as we well know, owning a bakery ourselves, and this makes it hard to feed our children, let alone ourselves. The other day, there was a small child begging for food in the streets and the ignorant nobles just stuck their noses into the air and walked away. Does no one hear us anymore? We must be heard.


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