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Post  Kathleen Julius on Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:48 pm

I am a noble woman. My name is Margaret Julius. I own a stretch of land in France. My husband claims the title of owner but he is so dimwitted that I am the one who has to handle any problems. Currently we are living in Versaille but I prefer being at my own home. I try and be a good person and follow God's will and I do not like the King. He is very harsh to all of the third estate. It's nice for my family to have money but what about the poor families living on so little money all the time. I was happy to hear about the third estate rising up against the other estates. I have never had much of a family until I got married. My father died in war for the King, that retched King didn't even seem to care that my family had lost a very important person. My mother went to her room and sulked month after month but then was sruck ill when I was 8. I had no brothers or sisters. I want the King to fall, him and all of his horrible men. I am prepared to face my consequences for these beliefs but until the people have equallity i shall continue to sneak money to the poorest of the poor on Frances streets. I just want my two sons and daughter to live in a good, safe country. I want them to be equal with all of the other children and be able to be friends with whom ever they choose, not only with other rich children. Down with the King!

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Post  KenzieN on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:21 pm

You disgust me, the Third Estate has jobs to do just like us, but nobles are given more power because we make this government work. We are the ones who build this economy, where as the peasants of the Third Class are not even able to pay their taxes! We deserve to do what we want because we have the money for it! Why even bother wasting your time on them? In the end they will only take avantage of any generosity or kindness you show them. They're all the same and if one turns on one of us, then they all turn on all of us. EVEN YOU! All for one is the motto. We deserve it . You should get YOUR priorities straight.


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