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Post  MaeveTorrey97 on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:08 pm

In 1814 allies of France marched into Paris and exiled Napoleon to Elba. Napoleon had plenty of food and money and was on a luxourious island. Any other person would have been very content with living there but, he got tired of being there and escaped back to France. He ruled there for 100 days and tried to keep it secret that he was there. Soon, the other countries found out and sent him to St. Helena instead, which was a smaller island where he ended up dying. I am upset that the allies sent him away because in my opinion he was a great leader he did make a few mistakes here and there but he was very good. He lead our country to victory multiple times. Hopefully we have a plan for our government because if not we will be back to the state of the Reign Of Terror.


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