He is a disgrace.

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He is a disgrace. Empty He is a disgrace.

Post  Kathleen Julius on Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:10 pm

I thought he had only done a few stupid things like taking away my rights as a woman and taking the crown from the pope to crown himself but this was stupid! This stupid war killed my husband!! They say it was an honorable deatth, but really he just frose to death while they were giving up on the war, they couldn't do it. Napoleon should really plan his wars better. I blame him for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in that war that they weren't even fighting. Many many men died in a war that had no fighting. It was no honorable death and for this Napoleon is no longer honorable. He has made too many big mistakes now. He needs to leave, wether he is just kicked out of France or killed i don't care. I just want him gone. Luckily my son lived through the war but so many died right in front of him. Family friends, relatives, and paople we didn't know. Napoleon should leave, he doesn't deserve the right to make any more decisions for this country! God please make hi pay for putting my family through this, and all of the other families!

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