A New Hope

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A New Hope

Post  JAwood*83 on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:05 pm

It was a chilly tuesday, the guard had given me my daily meal of beans and corn bread. I wanted to save it but the other prisoners stole it from me, so i went and layed down in my corner of the cell. I soon feel asleep but i woke up to faint sounds of people crying out. The cries grew louder and louder. Soon the cries were coming from right outside of the Bastille where they had been keeping me. I knew i was going to be set free. The crowd sounded big, and anger. Then almost unexpectedly i heard the first shot, then more. At this point i knew there was a revolt and my lost hopes of freedom had rose again.
Guards were running back and forth getting ammo to try to supress the revolt, but there was no use. I heard one of the guards cry out because some of the revolters had climb over the wall and opened the gates. There was no hope for the guards, they were killed by the angry revolters. As the guards died off one by one i could here the revolters searching for weapons and ammo. The other prisoners had started to cry for help, soon one of the brave women that had faught found us and sent for the keys to open the cell. I took twenty minutes before the body of the guard who was carrying the keys were found. I had finally gotten my freedom back. The Storming of the Bastille was a great thing.


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